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Introduction To The Photoshop Cs Tutorial

Introduction To The Photoshop Cs Tutorial

Are you amazed by the awesome pictures posted in magazines and various Internet sites? Believe it or not, but even if you are not a professional photographer, you could also come up with similarly fantastic pictures.

Introducing the Adobe Photoshop CS. The Photoshop CS is the more advanced and updated versions of the Adobe Photoshop software that has been around for quite some time. During the pre-computer era, you were perhaps engrossed into the hobby of cutting out pictures for better album presentations.

But now, everything can be done using the computer. Even the cameras with negative films on it are slowly becoming obsolete, in favor of the modern camera types, where images are stored not on films but virtually through computer memories. In that case, how could you make good albums or edit pictures?

The Photoshop is here to save the day. No need to use scissors and paste. Just turn on your computer, get a copy of the Photoshop software, which can be accessed conveniently online or in software stores, and start working on your masterpiece.

However, like almost any other person who has been held back by the fear that the Photoshop CS might be too sophisticated and complicated to be learned, there is a need to first familiarize with the basic and the advanced functions of the software. Even Adobe Systems recognize the fact that its Photoshop CS offering is challenging to use.


Do not fret. There are now numerous ways on how you could easily and conveniently get a tutorial for the software. You would logically not be able to learn how to use the computer program for yourself. However, there are many centers and firms that aim to provide crash courses and lessons for the initiative.

Find a personal tutorial center for Adobe Photoshop within your community. Usually, such centers train and educate people about many other computer programs as well. Enroll in such sessions. You would be left to decide whether you would prefer the classroom setup or the personal instruction or the one-on-one session.

In the classroom set-up, you would be put into a classroom where there are other people who are there to learn how to use the Photoshop CS. The instructor would introduce you to the key concepts and would even demonstrate how you would use each function.

In the one-on-one setup, you would be alone with the instructor. He would demonstrate to you how to use the usual keys and functions in Photoshop CS. Since the process of using the software is a bit more complicated compared to other computer programs, it would be advisable if you learn from an instructor, who is well adept and knowledgeable about the task.

If the convenience is hard to find, there are other ways on how you could get a tutorial for using the Photoshop CS. You could decide to have your own pacing, meaning, you could speed up the process or take it slowly.

There are many self-help books published and distributed through the bookstores that would tutor you on how to use the Photoshop CS on procedural narrative formats. All you have to do is to absorb and understand by heart the content and instructions contained in such reading materials.

If the printed books are not convenient, there are online and downloadable versions. Such e-books, as they are called nowadays, can be accessed online within minutes. They are actually like the book versions, only that they are soft copies and are faster to retrieve and access.

Which tutorial scheme would you choose for learning the Photoshop CS?

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Learning Photoshop 7 Using Online Tutorials

Learning Photoshop 7 Using Online Tutorials

Photoshop 7 is not the granddaddy of Adobe’s image editing programs, but it’s considered as a jump-off point by many. In fact, if you learned Photoshop through version 7, you probably have all the skills you need to master higher versions such as the CS series.

Since much of the attention these days is focused on CS2 and CS3, you might find some Photoshop 7 tutorials a little hard to come by. But don’t worry, there are still sites that have kept Photoshop 7 tutorials available. Here are some you might want to check for reference:

This site does not only feature Photoshop 7 tutorials but also includes tips on using Image Ready and higher versions like Photoshop CS. While Photoshop 7 is a great program to start learning image editing with, this site also includes helpful tips for advanced users.

For beginners, there are a lot of tutorials you’ll find very helpful. You just need to search for the tutorials that are marked Photoshop v.7 or ‘Beginner’ if you wish to start at that level. This site features tutorials on the basics of Photoshop 7 including using texts and buttons, image manipulation and composition, using texture and backgrounds, digital creation and coloring. It also includes video tutorials if you want more than textual tips.

Learn about overflow blending, embossing and using studio backdrops to improve the look of your photographs. The lessons are easy to read and learning Photoshop 7 is painless.
If you like learning Photoshop 7 at your own pace (and get a free certificate as well), this is a site you might want to check out. Provided of course, that you don’t mind paying for lessons. But at only $30 for unlimited online access, you probably have nothing to complain about. Get more than 35,000 tutorials anytime you like. If you’re unsure, you can sign up for a free demo of the lessons to see for yourself.
This site is quite helpful if you want to learn Photoshop 7 as an inexperienced user. You’ll be guided by online tutorials every step of the way, although it’s recommended you try to learn the basics first before anything else. The tips can be deceptively tempting to jump to and you might miss out on certain key points. You’ll find it a lot easier to advance your Photoshop learning if you went slowly, starting with the basic techniques first.

Tutorials are quite easy to find because they are grouped into general topics. Learn about Photoshop 7 tools, palettes, filters and effects. Find out how important layers are and how color management works. If you’re a little confused, go to the Tips Index to find a more organized listing of tutorials.

On the homepage, you’ll find a Photoshop 7 window showing you an overview of the main features and some menus. The textual tips will walk you through a sample Photoshop 7 window so you’ll get to know which tool goes where, what it’s called and how it’s used.
Photoshop 7 tricks and techniques work as well on the CS series and the tutorials featured on this site are free, so you have nothing to lose. Many of the tutorials are straightforward techniques so you might want to brush up on your Photoshop 7 basics before going in.

You can check the site from time to time for updates or subscribe to their newsletter if you want the newest info on Photoshop 7. If you have questions about a tutorial, you can send them an e-mail through a link on their site.

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The Benefits Of Getting Cs2 Free Photo Shop Tutorial

The Benefits Of Getting Cs2 Free Photo Shop Tutorial

Graphic designers consider the adobe photoshop as a very important tool in their trade. The program offers a lot of help in creating special effects and in manipulating photos and other designs. This program is virtually a must-have for every web designer who wants to be the best in his trade.

The more advanced designers however desire a more upbeat program that can be easily manipulated by designers and with additional features. The good news for graphic designers is the introduction of the new Photoshop CS2 program which is a very welcome improvement of the old adobe photoshop program.

There are a lot of things that a designer can only wish for in the old adobe photoshop program and which are now available in the CS2 photoshop program. Those who already know adobe photoshop like the back of their hands can just dive in and use the program with a little adjustment.

However those who have not yet fully mastered adobe photoshop or who are still learning adobe photoshop can look at the CS2 photoshop in an entirely new manner. Just like the adobe photoshop program the CS2 photoshop program can be easily learned.

Anybody interested in learning the CS2 program can get hold of the CS2 free photoshop tutorial. These tutorials can be downloaded from some Internet sites for free and a person only need to invest some time to give some information to the webmaster and the tutorial will be sent to him.

Getting a free CS2 photoshop tutorial is as easy as downloading photos from the Internet. There is no reason why a person interested in learning new layout and design techniques could not gain access to CS2 photoshop. Any designer can just upgrade his old design program and shift to the CS2 photoshop program which promises more effects and techniques as well as easy manipulation.

Photo enhancement is now more possible with CS2 photoshop. A designer can easily correct photo imperfections using the spot healing brush tool of CS2 photoshop without getting a source first unlike the old version.

One of the major problems faced by photographers is the red eye effect. Nobody wants to look like the devil incarnate so most photographs get buried in the computer because of the red eye. With CS2 photoshop a person can easily get rid of the red eye effect with just one click of the mouse.

While the old photoshop program allowed a designer to enlarge objects in photographs, it however gets pixelized and no longer worth looking at. With the upgraded program, this can be done without destroying the overall look of the object.

One problem experienced by beginners in the old photoshop versions is the seeming uselessness of the help tool because it does not really help the user. With the new CS2 photoshop the help button gets to be really helpful to the beginner.

Getting and learning a new design program like photoshop used to be difficult. One has to pay for it and the program can take sometime to reach the market. But things are looking up thanks to the Internet.

The new CS2 Photoshop can be downloaded for free and in a matter of minutes a person can already start tweaking and experimenting on his newfound design companion.

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Finding And Using Photoshop Plug-Ins

Finding And Using Photoshop Plug-Ins

While Adobe does provide an all-inclusive solution for photo editing and digital graphics work it also supports the use of software programs designed to add additional features to Photoshop.

These software programs are usually called plug-ins. They are available from Adobe as well as other third party software companies.

Several special effects plug-ins come preinstalled with Photoshop and are automatically available inside the Photoshop plug-ins folder.

Photoshop tutorials like Photoshop Fast Track can teach you how to find new plug-ins and install them to Photoshop.

Photoshop plug-ins allow you to actually add the features available in other photo editing programs to Photoshop without having to open and use the other program.

You can find Photoshop plug-ins that allow you to use various filters for the purpose of special effects or tint or tonal adjustments.

These plug-ins work just like the filters you can purchase to add to your camera lens. You can find plug-ins that will turn your photo to black and white, increase or decrease contrast, soften details, enrich black tones, increase or decrease saturation, restore details or make an image appear old using sepia tones.

The benefit of using plug-ins for special effects is that you can quickly produce very professional results that would otherwise require multiple editing steps.

Plug-ins are popular not because Photoshop is not capable of all of these effects but because the plug-ins simplify the process by combining more difficult steps into an easy to use interface.

Whether you want to create the appearance of hand-tinted photographs or simply increase the vibrancy of colors in your image, by using Photoshop plug-ins you will quickly be creating amazing images like a professional photographer or graphic artist.

Photoshop Fast Track makes it easy to learn how to find, install and use Photoshop plug-ins.

Master The Basics Of Adobe Photoshop With My 2 Hour Easy To Use Photoshop Video Tutorial.

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Photoshop CS2 Tutorials

Photoshop CS2 Tutorials

The Photoshop CS2 program is one perfect utility that you can explore. It provides a whole new perspective to any creative endeavors. Many people will attest to the benefits and advantages of Photoshop CS2.

Photoshop CS2 may sound really good. However, for beginners, this will still all be Greek to their ears. Thus, tutorials will really play a big role to expose one to the many possibilities of CS2.

The Photoshop CS2 Program

Photoshop CS2 is the upgraded version of the basic Photoshop program. This now showcases a number of features that you cannot find in the old version. It provides more options to the user and makes creative work an easier task to do.

However, it takes more than just owning and installing the program. You have to learn the various aspects of Photoshop CS2 so you can maximize it. This way, you can also be more productive with your purchase. Here are some of the features that you can enjoy.

1.Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge is one convenient feature that makes Photoshop CS2 a very fine companion. With this option, you can easily look at the detail of your artworks and photos even before you open the file.

This is definitely a good tool for organizing your works. It is even user-friendly so you can easily maximize your time and effort.

2.Font Preview

The font preview option is also very desirable. Before, it will take you a lot of guessing game and trials before you can put a good font in your work.

With Photoshop CS2, you can easily choose the right font from the drop-down menu as it showcases the actual font from the preview.

3.Spot Healing Brush

Any imperfections in your graphics can be easily cured by the Spot Healing Brush. You do not need to find any source points anymore. All you have to do is point your mouse to the area and with just a click, you can resolve the problem.

4.Vanishing Point

This aspect lets you cut and paste a photograph in a proper perspective. This is like making a virtual art gallery out of your graphics. This will let you move and skew any windows in places that you deem proper.

5.Preview Video Graphics

For people who are into making videos, they know that coming up with a good graphic will not always translate to a good video output. There are certain qualities that are not retained when the video option is utilized.

Photoshop CS2 will allow you to preview your graphics as to how they will appear in video. Thus, you will never have to spend more time in modifying as you can make your graphics the way you need them to come out.

Photoshop CS2 Tutorials

Now that you have a good idea of the great things about Photoshop CS2, then taking tutorials will help you make the most out of the program in your computer.

There are many options for you to get the right Photoshop CS2 tutorial. Here are some of the things that you can consider.

1. Web Tutorial

There are many web tutorials that you can use. You can search for the right web site and get tutorials for a fee. There are even options for you to view the Photoshop CS2 tutorials in video so you will be guided in every step of the way.

2. PDF Format

Some tutorial services can give you a PDF format option. This is perfect for people who can learn better when reading a printout of the lesson.

3. CD Package

You can also purchase a CD tutorial course. For less than $100, you can have everything you need to learn in your hands.


Photoshop CS2 tutorials are perfect for beginners. You will be taught step-by-step on how to maximize the use of the program. With this, you will surely become more productive and creative.

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Learn Photoshop Like A Pro Through Photoshop Tutorials

Learn Photoshop Like A Pro Through Photoshop Tutorials

At the dawn of computer generation, image editing was made more efficient and remarkable by various photo editing software. But when people talk about the world leader in digital image editing, Adobe Photoshop takes center stage.

Photoshop is, above all else, a superior image editing tool, one that will always be remembered best as the software that forever changed the way the world looks. In many ways, Photoshop has become almost indistinguishable from photo or image editing. And as technology advances, it has become one of the most proficient tools in creating web-based images.

For all of their bells and whistles, however, Photoshop still serves best when used with Photoshop tutorials. Many people are familiar with Photoshop but not all of them are fully capable of managing the tricks and tips of the program. Hence, Photoshop tutorials can facilitate the full use of the software for better image editing.

There are so many websites that offer Photoshop tutorials nowadays. The best thing about Photoshop tutorials is that people can access them for free. Hence, they can learn many things about photo editing and other services needed to enhance the images.

When it comes to Photoshop tutorials, there are so many factors to consider in order to get the lessons you need to know. Some may go for the advanced tutorials while others may find basic Photoshop tutorials beneficial. If you really want to learn the basic tips and tricks in Photoshop, you may find these Photoshop tutorials useful:

1. Photographic effects

With the help of digital cameras, photographers nowadays can really make wonders on their images. However, with the help of Photoshop, they can truly create a new perception of the world. Professionals know how to do their thing but ordinary people cannot. Hence, with the help of Photoshop tutorials, they can create different photographic effects in their images the way the experts do.

2. Lighting

With light, you can create different moods in the picture. Through the use of lenses, flares, and other lighting effects, images may appear surreal, romantic, or morbid. Photoshop tutorials can teach you the basic tips in creating different lighting effects to achieve the mood that you want.

3. Touch ups

This is the most basic section of Photoshop tutorials. In fact, this is what Photoshop is all about. People would want to enhance their pictures. If the camera may not seem to do the tricks, Photoshop can fix it. All you have to learn is to identify the basic steps in doing touch ups. With Photoshop tutorials on touch ups you can even make an old picture look new or arrange some flaws and make it more appealing.

4. Image presentation

Photoshop tutorials can give your picture a good lift from the ordinary. You can make two people appear together in the picture even if they were taken separately. Photoshop tutorials will teach you various means of presenting your picture — totally different from the way you have captured the moment. You can mix and match, combine and contrast, or simply create a new background without having to take a new shot. You just need to learn the basic Photoshop tutorials on image presentations.

So if your books and magazines cannot tell you more than what you need to know about image editing, hook yourself to the Internet and learn the different image editing tips and tricks through Photoshop tutorials.

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Simple Moves For Greater Shots

Simple Moves For Greater Shots

Here are a few short Adobe Photoshop tutorials.

The first of these Photoshop tutorials tells you how to edit several layers of text at one time. This will prevent the nasty problem of ending up with layers of text on top of layers of text.

You could have identical text but varying style sets. You can also use this if you ever have to edit the text layer. With this tip you can edit all layers at the same time.

The first step is to open the Photoshop Layers palette, select one of the layers, then hit control + click on the next layer to select it at the same time. You can do this with several text layers.

The tutorial emphasizes that you must click not on the icon but on the words. The next step is to grab the Photoshop type tool, then select the text and edit it. Your changes will affect every layer you have chosen. To apply all changes use the shift key when you make the changes.

Another of the Photoshop tutorials is about improving the programs performance by enlarging tiles. All you need is at least one gig of RAM.

When you are performing Photoshop functions such as opening, running filter or effects or saving, the applications breaks the image into tiles, processing them one at a time, conserving the use of memory.

What happens because of this is your computer has to frequently read and write to the scratch disk or the RAM. If your computer’s RAM is adequate your tiles can be processed at a size that is larger. This will reduce the times the computer has to do the reading and writing. The result is improved performance.

The process, according to Photoshop tutorials, is to close the Photoshop program and then open Internet Explorer in Windows. Next navigate to drive C and the Adobe Photoshop Plug in extension program that says ~Bigger Tiles 8BX.

You should rename the file to Bigger Tiles 8BX. You then simply restart Photoshop.

Photoshop tutorials help you with your black and white photos as well. One tip offered is about the conversion of a color image to black and white by using the channel mixer.

What you should do is open the image you’re trying to convert, and then go to the Photoshop menu, to Image and then to Adjustments, and then finally to Channel Mixer.

Here you check monochrome at the bottom or your dialog. This may be all it takes to make the right black and white look. If the result isn’t perfect you can tweak it by making small adjustments to your program’s color channel.

The effect is much better than using the standard Photoshop desaturate process.

Another of the Photoshop tutorials offers precision editing tips.

To convert your layer styles in Photoshop into layers, thus providing even more style opportunities, all you need to do is open your Layers palette, select your layer and right click on the styles icon. Now select the create layers option. It’s that simple.

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Exploring Photoshop Cs2

Exploring Photoshop Cs2

Many people might have purchased the Photoshop CS2 program and installed it already in their computers. Undeniably, this program is perfect for all your creative endeavors.

The Photoshop CS2

There are many things to explore in the upgraded version of Photoshop CS2. Here are some of the features that people enjoy in their Photoshop CS2 that you can also learn.

1. Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge is a convenient Photoshop CS2 feature that allows you to have a detailed preview of the photos and graphics even before you open the file. This will help you organize your work more easily, utilizing minimal time as much as possible.

2. Red-Eye Removal

The old version of Photoshop also requires a lot of manipulations before red-eye can be removed. Learning Photoshop CS2 will let you get rid of the red-eye in an instant.

3. Font Options

Another likeable feature with Photoshop CS2 is its font preview. Before, all you see in the drop-down menu are the font names. Now, you can easily pick the fonts you need from the preview, saving you more time.

4. Spot Healing Brush

The Spot Healing Brush lets you repair imperfections in your graphics with just a simple click of the mouse. There is no need to find any source point like it used to be with the old program.

Photoshop CS2 Tutorials

If you think that you still have not taken the most out of your installed program, then better explore your options. This is where taking Photoshop CS2 tutorials can be the best choice for you to make.

The Photoshop CS2 tutorials are introductory courses on the Photoshop program. This will let you learn everything you have to know, from the basics of the program down to the detailed units you can manipulate.

With this tutorial at hand, you can learn the ins and outs of the Photoshop CS2. The tutorial can also give you a general overview of how you can maximize the product for your own needs.

Here are some of the Photoshop CS2 tutorials that you can explore to learn more about the program and use it to the fullest.

1.Web Page Tutorial

You can easily browse the web for sites that offer Photoshop CS2 tutorials in their pages. They give the services for a fee. Thus, you can easily explore this anytime you encounter something you do not know in the program, as long as you are online.

2.Demo Versions

Some people opt to get a demo version first of the tutorials. These demos are given for free although they only have few chapters of lessons. They are perfect for evaluating the offers first before purchasing fully the package.

3.CD Package

The CD package is also a good option. It allows you to have everything you need to know in your hands. You do not need to be online to learn. This tutorial package can be purchased for less than $100.

4.PDF Formats

Tutorials can also be offered in the PDF format. This is a perfect choice for people who prefer to read printouts to learn.

5.Online Video Tutorials

The online video tutorials can provide more detailed instructions to you. You will be guided in every step of the way with what you can view from the videos.


Take the Photoshop CS2 tutorials and you will surely go a long way with your creativity and productivity using the skills you learned with the program.

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Grab That Photoshop CS Tutorial

Grab That Photoshop CS Tutorial

Photographs have a way of fascinating people. The vibrant colors and the ideas conveyed can surely mean a lot to those who get to appreciate it. Technology has even given people the opportunity to improve on their pictures. You will see magazines all over the place with very fabulous images. Professional photographers are responsible for such. However, with the Adobe Photoshop program, you can do the same magic yourself.

The Adobe Photoshop CS

Many people are aware that there are computer programs responsible for making fabulous pictures. However, they do not know everything there is to know to get around such technology. As such, it is best to be familiar with the Adobe Photoshop CS.

The Photoshop CS is the better version of the Adobe Photoshop program. This has more advanced features that you cannot find in other versions. This is the best way to organize your pictures and make those precious albums. With this software and your computer, you can make as many projects with your images.

The Adobe Photoshop CS Tutorial

Of course, it is not enough that you have the Photoshop CS program installed in your computer. It is equally important that you get to know how to use it and maximize the benefits it brings. There is no need to worry if you feel like you do not know much about Photoshop CS. Just get the proper tutorial and you can surely move your way around the program.

Tutorial Centers

You can find centers in your locality that can give a crash course or a specialized program that can provide Photoshop CS tutorials. You can enroll for a series of session so that you can be trained to do Photoshop CS as well for other programs. You even have the choice to join a class or get a personalized training.

Self-Help Tools

There are also self-help tools that you can buy. You can go to the bookstore and find a material that can give you Photoshop CS tutorial. You can choose to read books to learn. You can also get those releases in cassettes or CD so that you can listen through the instructions. Choose this option if you are more comfortable of studying on your own than getting a tutor.

Go Online

The online community also offers a wide range of choices for your Photoshop CS tutorials. There are web sites that can let you download e-Books with instructions and tutorials in PDF format. You can read the explanation from these together with illustrations so that you can easily identify the commands in the program. You can even choose to get an eSeminar. This setup is just like a classroom method, only you do things through the computer.

You can also choose to explore some sites in their forums and discussion boards. You can ask members for advice and most of them are willing enough to give their help. This serves as a peer-to-peer discussion where specific questions can be answered directly. Try exploring too the site of the manufacturer. They often provide help to their clients to help you enjoy the program you purchased.


Get to learn the basics of the Adobe Photoshop CS. Make sure you develop your skills well with the Photoshop CS tutorial. This way you can do the amazing images through your own efforts and make a project album that you can be proud of.

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Learning Photoshop Through Video Tutorials

Learning Photoshop Through Video Tutorials

If the thought of learning Photoshop through textual tutorials make you snore, you might find tutorial videos more interesting. There are lots of tutorials available on CD-ROM and DVD formats and thousands of single-lesson video clips you can view online or download to watch later. Many of these videos are taught by a human trainer and while the videos are designed to guide you step-by-step, you can always skip lessons and jump from one clip to the next.

Here are a few you might want to take home:

PhotoshopSecrets for Wacom Tablets & Photoshop
This is a great Photoshop video tutorial if you are a tablet user. Currently, this is probably the most comprehensive, allowing you to learn how to use all the tools and features available with Adobe Photoshop. This tutorial video is authored and taught by Colin Smith and Weston Maggio of Photoshopcafe and Wacom Technology, respectively. Both are experienced trainers so you’ll find the lessons well-paced and relevant.

This DVD ROM tutorial has more than 120 minutes of 800×600 video. It’s easy to navigate and you can click on any lesson you like without any trouble while still controlling the playback. If you prefer to learn on your own, just click on the lesson files and play the video clip of your choice on your own free time.

PhotoshopSecrets Special FX
This tutorial video contains 19 lessons packed in approximately 2 hours of fast-loading CD-ROM. If ‘cool!’ is the one word that you want to hear to feel validated for your Photoshop efforts, this video tutorial will teach you exactly how to use special effects like the pros. Learn about 3D lathing, liquid splashes, CS branding, pixel stretching, thermal vision, toxic waste and lots more. These are cutting-edge effects, the kind you find in more advanced Photoshop users’ works so you might want to try it out for yourself.
This site features some of the best and latest Photoshop tutorials, including those in video. Use Photoshop confidently in no time with the free video tutorials. You can even click on the links provided to find out about Photoshop products for more detailed tutorials. If you’re using Photoshop to come up with a cooler, meaner website, you’ll like the short tutorials on SiteGrinder 2, an Adobe Photoshop Plugin.
If you like free online tutorials, check out this site. All tutorial video clips are taught by Deke McClelland, who is also the trainer for several Adobe Photoshop CS2 training CDs. He’s offering a free sample of his lessons on this site – you won’t have everything you need, but the tutorials are enough to teach you some very important things and get you started.

Included in the tutorial video clips are: learning about Vanishing Point, Camera Raw, Image Warp, Smart Sharpen Filter, Smart Objects, Adobe Bridge, Match Color and Shadow Highlight Filter. If you want to buy his tutorial videos, you’ll get an exclusive 20% discount if you use the promotion code.

PhotoshopSecrets – CS2 for Digital Photographers
If you want to learn how to maximize your digital photos with the use of CS2, this video tutorial is for you. Learn how professional photographers produce better-looking photographs and use their tricks to turn your photos from blah to blast. This tutorial video is a CD-ROM format, has 43 lessons and runs approximately 3.5 hours.

Lessons include: using Camera Raw, image adjustment, red eye removal, grain and color noise reduction, changing perspective, using image sharpening techniques, using vanishing point, image extraction and many more. If those lessons aren’t enough to get you interested, here are two of the most popular tools you absolutely must learn: face swapping and image retouching.