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We both know that the days of flat html web sites are over. If you’re already competing in the race to grab revenue with content, wanting to create great quality, easy to manage web sites for your business (or your clients) then this information is for you.

If you’ve studied the Internet over any period of time it becomes apparent that the most successful online marketers have one thing in common. It doesn’t matter what they’re selling or where they’re based – what divides the rich from the poor is an ability to plan and predict trends in the market. And to take that information to increase profits.

Technology Moves So Fast – What Have You Missed Already?

Maybe your a web designer, a web marketer or business owner that depends on the Internet to generate income, if so, over the next few minutes you will learn of a big ‘sea change’ that can make your life easier and see your profits soar.

There’s A Revolution Coming!

If 2005 / 2006 was the year of the blog then 2006 / 2007 will be the year of the Content Management System or (CMS). If you’ve got that feeling that ‘we’ve already been here’ then take note – A long time has passed since the days of clunky, hard to use and visually unappealing systems.

These days the choices and changes are coming thick and fast.

I’d like to introduce you to a comprehensive video training course called Joomla Magic. . .

Your choice is simple and right now there are three paths you can take:

Ignore a mountain of new time saving benefits and increased potential profits.

Spend weeks/months trying to work it out for yourself. While this is an awesome technology jump there’s a steep learning curve in store for the the average web site owner has a steep learning curve.

Spend an hour or two with these easy to follow training videos that will put you head and shoulders above your competitors.

These Flash Based Joomla Magic Videos are going to wake up a lot of people to the incredible benefits of Content Management Systems –

Here’s just a little of what’s included in this awesome video guide:

Why Content Management Systems.
Beyond WordPress – The Time To Move Is Now! (And the dangers you face if you don’t)
The varieties of CMS (And why Joomla?)

The Technical Side Covered in-depth and made easy:

Downloading Joomla For Free
3 Different Ways To Create Your Database
Uploading Joomla To Your Site
Installing And Configuring Joomla
A Walk Around The Front-End
It’s All About Content Baby!
The Back End – Administrator Help
– Creating Sections – Creating Categories – Creating Content Items
Linking To Menus
Installing New Templates

Importantly this isn’t just a ‘technical guide’ – because it’s video based you get to see real world examples of how people are already using this incredible system to run their businesses. The video also focuses on areas we know you need to know more about. . .

. . . You’ll see how to create the following kind of sites:

How To Build A Sleek Online Shop: (case studies, live stores and Short Cuts)

How To Create A Paid Content Membership Site: (Single payments, recurring payments, locked access)

How To Create Online Magazines: (The real next step for content publishers)

If you design web sites for other people, then right now, watching this video guide will be one of the smartest investments you can make of your time. You’ll learn how to create, complex, database driven and highly customisable sites in just hours where it once took weeks. And you’ll have clients falling over themselves to recommend you to their contacts based on the quality of your work.

If you publish content online you’ll learn how to create beautiful and imaginative web sites fast. And so far removed from those ‘cookie cutter’ web sites that people will want to come back again and again. Your profits could be quadrupled within weeks.

If you own an online business, or have any kind of online presence and you want to create a positive, lasting impression with your customers then this video course holds the key.

Are YOU ready for the next big thing in web site building?

Training Videos are available at

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